Married Life with Kids


Married life with kids has changed my wife and I in a major way.  I like to joke that the first decade of 2000 was our “baby making” decade.  Still not sure if my wife likes when I say that or not.

We started off in 2000 with our first child, and ended in 2009 with our last, well maybe.  Since having kids, we are not the same people we used to be prior to the year 2000.    We may have lost a little of our “swag“, but I don’t know if we are as bad as some people.  Check out the following YouTube videos to see what I’m talking about.

Dad Life

In Tha Muthahood

Haha!  I hope you are enjoying your Labor Day!  If you are hanging with family today, make sure you show these videos and enjoy some good laughs.

Question:  Can you relate to the parents in the videos?  Please share in the comment section how you can relate.

Sep 3, 2012