Every Strong Marriage Has a Strong Foundation

Sneak Peak of our 7 Rings of Marriage Interview with Mark & Susan Merrill
February 5, 2015

One of the keys to having a strong marriage is starting with a strong foundation. My wife, Stephana, and I hung out with Mark and Susan Merrill for an interview on our 7 Rings of Marriage Web Show.

Every Strong Marriage has a Strong Foundation

The show will launch later this month, but we’ve shared a sneak peak of the episode with the Mark and Susan on All Pro Dad today. If you want to know what makes a strong foundation and strong marriage, you have to check it out!

How To Resolve Sexual Intimacy Differences

Jackie and Stephana Bledsoe - Podcast Interview on The First Year Marriage Podcast
October 14, 2014

Marcus Kusi, host of The First Year Marriage Podcast contacted me about a month ago, and asked if me and Stephana would like to be interviewed for his new podcast. I said yes, but wasn’t sure what to expect.

I thought this could be interesting, or it could be disastrous! Our first year of marriage wasn’t ideal. Our marriage almost didn’t make it past the first year.

Our hope is that learning how we faced, almost succumbed to, but eventually overcame those early challenges will be helpful to you. We especially hope it encourages those of you who didn’t have the ideal start to your marriage.

Click here to listen to the podcast on The First Year Marriage Podcast.

What I Learned from Working with New York Times Best Selling Author Michael Hyatt

My guest post on MichaelHyatt.com
September 13, 2014

You get opportunities, and then you get OPPORTUNITIES. I received an email a couple months ago that immediately screamed OPPORTUNITY. It was from the assistant of New York Times best-selling author Michael Hyatt inviting me to meet him in Nashville to share my blogging and platform building story.

What I learned from working with Michael Hyatt

My story was featured in his video-series, I upgraded my web site, and many other opportunities have come as a result. I’ve learned a lot through it all, and Michael asked me to share these lessons by writing a guest post on his site. That post is live today, and I think it’ll be a blessing and source of encouragment for those who’ve reached a point of being stuck.

Click here to check out my guest post on MichaelHyatt.com.