Is Radical Change Needed in Your Life Right Now?


Making radical change in our lives is sometimes needed.  I am at that point in my life.  It is needed.  I am embracing it. I am making it happen.

I’m open to things I’ve never been open to before in my life.  I am taking off the blinders and restrictions.  I have no shame in my game!  I fully expect wonderful results, and better results than I have been getting.

Why Radical Change

Sometimes you get to a point in life where the same ole thing just doesn’t do it for you.  Sometimes you get to a point where doing what you have always done, and getting the results you have always gotten is no longer cool.  Sometimes you get to a point where you are sick and tired of being sick and tired.

Sometimes you get the point where you are very close to the tipping point.  The point your breakthrough needs to be forced through.  The point in which you want to give more and get more out of life!

Results of Radical Change

One definition of radical is, “very different from the usual or traditional.”   The definition of change is, to “make or become different.”  Put them together and you get, to “make something (or someone) become very different from the usual or traditional.

Think of a caterpillar changing to a butterfly.  You have something which is pretty basic and unattractive, changing to something amazing and very attractive.

I am ready for Radical Change!

I am at a point where radical change is needed in my life.  Not in a I’m quitting blogging, leaving the country, not shaving or bathing for a month, or abandoning the foundation of values I live by.

But a change birthed from the understanding of who I want to be in life, the things I want to do in life, and the impact on other people and the world will not happen in this “caterpillar” state I’m in now.

Not just a casual change, but a radical change.  A change in me, that is very different!  A change that leads me to live a life above usual or traditional.  I’m ready for it.  And of course, I will be sharing here on my blog, when I see a potential benefit to you, my readers.

Is Radical Change Needed in Your Life?

It amazes me when I share something I am dealing with here on my blog, or to someone in person, how many people say they have been there, are there now, or may be there soon.  I am not sure if you are at a similar point in your life.

It is a question that you must ask, and honestly answer, yourself.  If the answer is yes, I encourage you to embrace it, and attack it.  Don’t let radical change be forced upon you.  You make the change.  You become different.  You lead the radical change in your life and your family.

Question:  What is the most radical change you have made in your life?  What were the results? Please share in the comment section below.

Sep 26, 2012