In-Between Your Wedding Day and the Marriage of Your Dreams


You get married, go on your honeymoon, and your marriage is the most amazing thing you could ever dream of.  It makes you think, “why did I not do this sooner??”  We all know that is far from the truth.  Some have reached this dream marriage state.  For those of us who have not, what happens in-between?

“How we choose to spend those moments of in-between is how we choose to spend our lives.” – Jeff Goins

Its about the moment, right now

My (online) friend Jeff Goins‘ latest book, The In-Between, is aimed to help us all learn to live in the moment.  Everyone of us is waiting for something.  We are in-between many moments, or events, in our lives.  In marriage we are in-between the promises we made on our wedding day, and the fulfillment of truly living the “for better or for worse” vowel we made.

How we live in-between our wedding day and our dream marriage defines our marriage.

Last night before going to sleep, I whispered to my wife, “I am really enjoying our relationship.”  She responded, “me too.”  Our marriage is going well, but we are still living the in-between of our marriage.  Those in-between days in our marriage can be rough.  The dream, the fairy tale, the happily every after is not our marriage reality, and it may never be.

It is our choice

Our choice is the same choice you have in your marriage.  Do we live frustrated that we are not there yet?  Or do we enjoy each moment for what it is while we continue to strive for the point we hope for?

Remember, how we choose to spend each marriage moment, is how we choose to spend our marriage lives.

I recently ordered The In-Between, but my book has not arrived yet.  I’m looking forward to digging in it when it does.  Jeff seems to identify with many of my struggles of waiting in his book.  I’m hoping the book can help me better handle the in-between in my marriage as well as the other areas in my life.

The in-between is a struggle for all hosted a live Google+ Hangout with Jeff last night to discuss the book and the many ways we all struggle with waiting (Sidenote: I won a Kindle Fire for my participation in the Hangout!).

I learned through my participation I am not the only one who struggles with waiting.  Many people desire to know what to do in those moments.

I don’t know where your marriage is right now.  But the moments in-between are very important, even those that seem insignificant.  Learn to enjoy them and make the most of them.  You just may realize you are already living the dream you hoped for.

How do you handle the in-between moments in your life?  Please share in the comment section below.

photo credit: -MRGT via photopin cc

Aug 7, 2013