How to Truly Win at Being a Husband


I am a very competitive person. It’s natural for me to compete and desire to win. It doesn’t matter what it is –basketball, checkers, work, or in marriage.

As men we are wired that way. We are competitive by nature, we want to accomplish great things. But winning in marriage seems to be an arena where we don’t have as much control over the game as in other areas.

Last night on our web show we concluded the first season by interviewing Jamal and Natasha Miller, the husband and wife team behind, and the hosts of the Sex Without Sheets Online Marriage Conference.

You don’t win by staying the same

As a leader, go-getter, and a man, Jamal, like you and I, wants to win. He wants to win at being a husband. But he’s learned that winning in marriage won’t happen without him changing. In his words he said he’s learned to evolve.

In their interview Jamal and Natasha both share how they are evolving in their marriage. Their optimism and hope for their own marriage and all marriages is very refreshing. Watching them will give you hope. Hope that no matter how stuck in your ways you or your wife have been, you can evolve and win at marriage.

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What you’ll learn in this episode

  • How distance nor time prevented them from setting a foundation for their marriage
  • How to move forward even when you feel you just “suck at life!”
  • What happens when other people are watching your marriage
  • Why you are fully equipped to help other marriages
  • How to achieve the single greatest accomplishment a husband can achieve

The 7 Rings of Marriage Enrichment Activity

Each week we share one thing you and your spouse can do to enrich your marriage. This week’s marriage enrichment activity is to say these vows to your spouse, and commit to saying them each and every year so you know them and can do them.

Additional resources to help your marriage

In this episode we mentioned a few resources which will help your marriage. Check them out below.

Register for the Sex Without Sheets Online Marriage Conference

Jamal and Natasha are the hosts of what will be one of the best online marriage conferences of the year, the Sex Without Sheets Marriage Conference. They made a special offer to viewers of last night’s show. The offer is for a 50% discount on the conference registration fee — $47.

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photo credit: Tampa Bound! via photopin (license)

May 25, 2015