How To Stay Happily Married With Different Interests Than Your Spouse


Opposites attract.  You have probably heard that before.  I have heard it many times, and it seems to hold true in marriage.  Your spouse had different experiences than you prior to marriage.  The same goes for you.  When those experiences collide in matrimony it can be very challenging.

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Your hobbies = or > your spouse’s hobbies?

The title to this post is “You’re Not Interested in Your Spouse’s Hobbies…What Do You Do?” [Tweet this]

As added value this post was part of a series of marriage posts.  I partnered with another blogger, who wrote from the female perspective, while I wrote from the male perspective.  Below is an excerpt:

The Ultimate Merger

When two people come together in marriage you are literally bringing two different worlds together, and attempting to co-exist in a way that both people are better off.  No easy task.  The husband has a unique personality, background, and interest.  And so does the wife.  However, you are to become one.

So what do you do when your wife doesn’t want anything to do with something you are vary passionate about and enjoy spending time doing?  Wives, what happens when your husband runs the other way when you want to do your favorite things.  Are you okay with that?  Should you be okay with it?  How should you handle it?

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Question: Please share in the comment section below a time where you really enjoyed doing your spouse’s favorite hobby.

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May 1, 2013