How To Handle Life Changing Events in Your Family


I am on the cusp of a life changing decision.  No matter my decision, or the outcome, I know it will make my “top life changing events” list.  I’m excited,  nervous, and not really sure what is going to happen.

What I do know is my decision, and the outcome, will be an opportunity for me to grow.  An opportunity to lead my family through it in a way which will make us closer, stronger, and better from it.  Can you relate?  Are there some potential life changing events looming?  Have you experienced unexpected life changing events?

The way you handle life changing events, not the actual events, is most important. [Tweet this]

This post is one from my series of my most popular posts.  After 265+ posts I realize some of you, who are new to my site, may have missed some of my most popular posts.  So, over the next 5-10 days I will republish the top posts from my blog, and the sites I contribute to on a regular basis.  During this time I will be finishing up some exciting projects which will help you grow as a family leader.  Enjoy and GET ready for some new stuff in May!

Our life changing events work to shape us and our path

The title for this post, from my series of most popular post, is “7 Life Changing Events.”  In the post I share the life changing events which drastically altered or shaped my life the most.

Through them all, I can truly attest the following is true, “all things work together for good to those who love God…”  [Tweet this]

Below is an excerpt from the post:

Sometimes in life we can look back and pinpoint specific events or moments in which we knew life would never be the same. Other times we don’t realize the significance of an event until years later, and we can reflect on where we went from there.  I always say I was a little naive and didn’t recognize when significant things were happening.  As I’ve gotten wiser (older) I now try to be more aware of things as they happen. Some call that being in the moment or enjoying the moment. I call it paying attention! :)

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Question:  If you could, would you change any of your major life changing events?  Please share in the comment section below.

photo credit: Michael Mistretta via photopin cc

May 11, 2013