How Finances and Unfaithfulness Almost Destroyed our Marriage


Last Sunday on our web show we had a snafu that left us unable to share the amazing interview we had with our guest couple.

So, to keep our promise of sharing an interview with a couple who has or is working toward a lasting and fulfilling marriage, we turned the tables. We decided to sit in the interviewee seat.

And I was not prepared for the questions that we were asked. Our friend, Kevin Bullard of Marriage Works!, reminded us he was a journalism major with the probing questions.

The end result was a little bit of sweating (by me), some laughs, some deep reflection, and ultimately some truths that have shaped, molded, and made our marriage into what it is today.

Staying happily married while homeless plus a checkered past

One of the biggest challenges in our marriage came during the times we were homeless. Yes, I said times with an “s” at the end, as it happened twice. Talk about humbling as a husband and father. That was probably one of the lowest points of my life.

However, we were able to make it through, and though it seems unlikely, our marriage is better for it. To be completely transparent, it’s still hard to admit it, and talk about that failure for me to this day, thus the sweating bullets you may see while watching the interview.

I also shared how my unfaithfulness prior to getting married played a part in our challenges, and had me proposing to Stephana with about 50/50 chances (or less) of her saying “yes.”

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What you’ll learn in this episode

  • The impact of failed businesses and resulting tension on our relationship
  • How to stay submissive and serving while persevering through challenges.
  • Do I practice what I “preach” about marriage.
  • What do you do in a marriage if you feel you didn’t choose the right person.
  • How to handle relationships with old flames.

This week’s 7 Rings of Marriage Enrichment Activity

This week’s marriage enrichment activity is to sit down with your spouse and prepare for the next day and/or the next week. We find ourselves running late often, or at best not as prepared for things as we would like to be.

One way we have found helpful to us, and you, do better in this area is to take the end of each day to prepare together for the next day. And to take time at the end of each week to prepare for the upcoming week.

Additional resources to help your marriage

In this episode we mentioned a few resources which will help your marriage. Check them out below:

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May 10, 2015