How Easy It Is To Forget…How to Love


Today is our daughter‘s 13th birthday.  I really cannot believe she is 13!  Just like every other parent, it seems like yesterday we were holding her in our arms.  I’ve been told the teenage years come with many challenges.  Challenges that will test our love for her and her love for us.  My hope is we love her unconditionally and always show it, no matter how odd or frustrating her behavior may be.

Don’t forget to love your family…unconditionally

Below is a video I came across on YouTube.  Wow!  That is all I can say.  Once you watch the video you will want to run and bear hug your kids.  It will put in perspective all the challenges you deal with as a parent.  Check it out and share your thoughts in the comment section at the bottom.

Question:  How can you show your kids you love them no matter what they do, don’t do, or how they act?

Aug 1, 2013