Happy Good Friday!


Today is Good Friday!  Although Good Friday is not celebrated like other holidays and special days, it has tremendous impact on my life.  Below I have shared a clip  of the crucifixion scene from The Bible mini-series on The History Channel.

When you think about the crucifixion there are not many words to be said.  It speaks for itself.   What Jesus Christ did for my life, yours, and all who believe in Him is enough.  Enjoy the clip! (Note: it is very graphic, so you may preview first if your kids are around)

He died on Good Friday for me and you

If the video does not work, please click here to open it up on a new browser.

Question:  Have you watched The Bible on The History Channel?  If so, please share your thoughts and favorite scenes.

photo credit: 50%ChanceofRain via photopin cc

Mar 29, 2013