Hangout with Me Tonight to Discuss Keeping Kids with Food Allergies Safe


All three of our children have allergies and have suffered serious reactions which led to emergency room visits.  Unlike when we were kids, there is a huge need to keep kids with food allergies safe.  I don’t know if there “is something in the water” or what.  But food allergies are more common today.

A Playbook to help you

I recently had the opportunity to interview Super Bowl Champion, Jerome Bettis, about how he lives with a severe allergy.  Jerome has an awesome resource, “Severe Allergy & Anaphylaxis Playbook“,  he created to help others who suffer as well.

My kids are allergic to everything from nuts, to grass, to ibuprofen, to mosquito bites.  Yes, my kids have reactions when they get bitten by a mosquito.  So, as Spring ends and be get ready for Summer, it is a great time to discuss how to keep kids safe with allergies.

Join our live discussion tonight

I’ve been invited to Hangout on Google+ and YouTube tonight with Emmy award-winning TV journalist Joyce Brewer, the creator/host of  If you or your kids suffer from allergies, join us for the live webcast: “Keeping Kids with Food Allergies Safe.

Details are listed below, as well as some resources that can help you keep your kids safe.

Date:  Wednesday, June 12th (TONIGHT)

Time: 9:30p EST

Where: Live on MommyTalkShow.comGoogle+ HangoutYouTube

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Host and guest info:

Joyce Brewer: (@mommytalkshow)

LaShawn Wiltz: (@rosesdaughter)

Jo-Ann Rogan (@punkymama)

Hangout with Me Tonight to Discuss Keeping Kids with Food Allergies Safe - - Growing Family Leaders

Allergy, Ashtma, and Anaphylaxis Resources

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Question:  What questions do you have about kids and food allergies?  

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Jun 12, 2013