Google+ Hangout: Keeping Kids with Food Allergies Safe


Did you know food allergies affect 1 in every 13 children?  That is roughly two in every classroom.  Every 3 minutes, a food allergy sends someone to the ER.  Teens and young adults with food allergies have the highest risk of fatal food-induced anaphylaxis. This is all cause for concern.

Many parents can relate

I have three children who all have some type of food allergy.  And all three have made trips to the ER due to an allergic reaction.  Just like those statistics say we are not the only parents who have kids with food allergies.  Many other parents realize this and are talking to other parents about their experiences.

As a parent I want to know how to keep my kids safe when dealing with food allergies.  I want to know how to help them function normally, when others around them may not understand.  Emmy Award winning TV journalist Joyce Brewer, the creator/host of has the same concerns and is doing something about it.

Parents working together to help

Joyce invited me and a few other parents who blog to a Google+ Hangout to discuss our experiences and methods we use to keep our kids safe and living a normal life with food allergies.  If you have kids with food allergies, I want you to join us.  You can watch it live via Google+ or via YouTube.

Hangout w/me & @MommyTalkShow for Keeping Kids with Food Allergies Safe onWed 9:30p! #MTSAllergies [Click to Tweet]

Hangout details

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Allergy, Ashtma, and Anaphylaxis Resources

Please share this post, and join us for the live show: “Keeping kids with Food Allergies Safe.

Question:  What questions do you have about kids with food allergies?  Please share in the comment section below and we will address them in the Hangout.

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Jun 19, 2013