God is beautiful…this is the truth

I know it is not “Wordless Wednesday“, but I want to share this video I came across yesterday.  There are very few words needed from me.  Overcoming bulimia, the suicide of a parent, depression, alcohol use, a miracle survival from a car crash, life literally hanging upside down…all in the midst of a record breaking soccer career, while reaching all-american status, being nationally recognized…and a teenager.

How did she make it?  Mo Isom shares her amazing story, and why she lives by God’s Odds.  Enjoy!

Question:  Have you had a life-altering encounter or experience?  Please share in the comment section below.

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2 thoughts on “God is beautiful…this is the truth

  1. Thank you JB for sharing this video about Mo. The Romans 5:3-5 verse is one of my favorite. I had a life-altering experience by adopting a child who suffered from bipolar disorder. God completely changed me in every way because of it. I have written a Christian book about my story, “God Placed Her in My Path.”
    Very good blog today. Write on.
    Dorothy Ruppert

    • My pleasure Dorothy. Thank you for sharing your experience. Wow, it is amazing how through our challenges and sufferings, God produces such wonderful changes in us.

      Btw…I love your “Write on”!