Fatherhood, Football, and Putting Family First


This weekend has been a busy and fun weekend for me, my family, and my city, Indianapolis.  Tonight, on Sunday Night Football on NBC, my hometown Indianapolis Colts will play the Denver Broncos.  It is Peyton Manning’s big return to Indy after a decade plus of success for the team and city.

My favorite fatherhood organization, All Pro Dad, organized an event Friday morning with Sunday Night Football on NBC.  The event combined three things that I’m passionate about: fatherhood, football, and making family first.

The opportunity for dads to become an All Pro

If you are not familiar with All Pro Dad, then you should check them out.  All Pro Dad is the fatherhood division of Family First.  They strive to help dads become passionate about their role in their family’s life.

They do this in three main ways: 1) The Play of the Day email, 2) All Pro Dad’s Days, and 3) NFL Father & Kids Experiences. Friday morning All Pro Dad and Sunday Night Football on NBC hooked up for one of the All Pro Dad’s Days at a school here in the Indianapolis area.

All Pro Dad + Sunday Night Football on NBC = FUN!

I was invited to participate in the event.  It was amazing!  Carey Ridge Elementary School in Westfield (suburb of Indianapolis) packed out their auditorium with dads & kids, former NFL players, local media, and the showstopper–Blue the Colts Mascot.

The entire event is an example of All Pro Dad’s passion for fatherhood and getting dads involved in their kids’ lives.  The NFL alumni in attendance shared stories from their playing days and what they learned from All Pro Dad spokesman and Sunday Night Football on NBC host, Tony Dungy.  Of all the fun, giveaways, dancing, and excitement a few things stood out to me that can help us all as dads.

Importance and value

Super Bowl Champion, Hunter Smith, shared some of his experience playing for Tony Dungy and winning a Super Bowl.  One thing he said struck a cord with me.   Here is what he said,

“We view people as important, but we don’t view them as valuable.”

Sometimes we view people as important, or almost a tool for our own good.  But we don’t view them as valuable.  When you value something you view it as having great worth.  It is more than a tool.  Hunter encouraged us as dads to place the highest value on people, especially our kids.

Most valuable assets

The principle of Carey Ridge elementary said the kids in our communities are our most valuable assets.  Again, not to be used for our own agendas, but assets that we should invest in.  In the world of business and investing, there is a term called reinvesting.  When you reinvest, you put as much as you can into your most valuable assets.  When you do, they grow, and become even more valuable.

As dads, one of our most valuable assets are our children.  In order for our kids to grow and become more valuable we have to invest in them.  We have to treat them as valuable assets by investing time, conversation, resources, and anything that is needed to help them grow.

Dads need time with their kids

The video below of Tony Dungy, was one of three shared at the event.  In the video Tony speaks about something the Colts did on Saturday for the players.  It was called Kids Day.

On Kids Day the players were able to have their kids and families with them onsite where their practices and meetings are held.  Peyton Manning didn’t think it was a good idea, until he had kids.  Watch the video to hear what happened after Peyton had twins.

NFL Father & Kids Experience in Indy

In December All Pro Dad’s NFL Father & Kids Experience will make a stop in Indy at the Colts practice facility.  All Pro Dad is giving readers of my blog FREE admission for the event on Saturday, December 14.   Click this link to claim your free admission.

If you aren’t a dad, click the link and register your husband, or send the link to some dads who could use an event like this.  Below is a picture of me and my son from one of the past events.

All Pro Dad NFL Father & Kids Experience Indy

How do you combine your passions and parenting to put family first?

Oct 20, 2013