Since The 7 Rings of Marriage launched, I have done a bunch of appearances and interviews. For the second time, Stephana and I were interviewed on CBN. This time on The 700 Club Interactive.

We speak with Gordon Robertson about drawing inspiration from our own marriage to create the 7 stages, or “7 Rings,” that couples with amazing marriages experience. Check it out!

Since the February 1 launch of The 7 Rings of Marriage, I have done a bunch of appearances and interviews. One I’m excited to share with you is this interview Stephana and I did on The 700 Club.

We speak with Wendy Griffith about how we made it through difficult times in our marriage, and how those difficulties helped us connect on a deeper level in marriage. Check it out!

The week before Valentine’s Day Stephana and I were interviewed and I was asked to share some marriage and relationship tips from my book, The 7 Rings of Marriage, live on NBC Indianapolis affiliate WTHR-13.

We spoke with Carrie Cline about our marriage ups and downs, and how you can avoid the same pitfalls. I also answered questions from WTHR’s social media followers for freshening up their relationships and restoring that spark.

Stephana and I are excited about being the keynote speakers for the Greater First Baptist Church Marriage Retreat.

Date: November 5, 2016
Event: Greater First Baptist Marriage Retreat
Sponsor: Greater First Baptist Church
Location: Henryville, IN
Public: Private