Bridging the Gap Between the Marriage You Have and the Marriage You Want


Last night we shared another great interview on The 7 Rings of Marriage Web Show. In this episode, our 10th episode, Stephana and I interviewed Lamar and Ronnie Tyler of Tyler New Media and the award winning site,

Lamar and Ronnie shared their marriage story, and the thing they embraced that has helped them bridge the gap between the marriage they used to have to the marriage they now have. The same thing that worked for them can also be your bridge from the marriage you have to the marriage you want.

Each week one of the most anticipated segments of the show for our viewers is the “Quickies.” The questions and answers during this segment never cease to amaze, bring laughter, and bring a profound truth about marriage. This week it was no different as the “Quickies” lived up to their billing, as the subject of sex in public was brought up.

In addition to “going there” with sex in public, as always there was great information shared which will help your marriage and the marriages of those in attendance.

Watch the web show replay

Click here to watch the replay and follow along with the conversation of those who were watching live.

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • The importance of marriage development, which is just as important for our marriages, as both personal and professional development are for our lives and careers.
  • What happens when you make conversation a priority early on in your marriage.
  • How Lamar and Ronnie overcame the surprising challenges that come with being in a blended family.
  • How the conversations with yourself, in your mind, can sabotage your marriage if you’re not careful.
  • Why trusting your spouse will help you make it through the times you are hurt or offended by your spouse.
  • Some amazing marriage education resources to help your marriage grow.
  • Why being right in your relationship is not good for your relationship

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Additional resources to help your marriage

In this episode we mentioned a few resources which will help your marriage. Check them out below:

[reminder]What is one marriage education tool you have used to help your marriage?[/reminder]

Apr 20, 2015