Breaking the Grip of Cancer


Just the word cancer, can cause an influx of emotions to everyone who hears it.  I am sure that everyone reading this post has somehow dealt with cancer.  Whether it be a family member, a friend, or even you that has been diagnosed with cancer.  Unfortunately, cancer is something we are all too familiar with today.

I have lost many family members due to cancer, and have friends that are currently fighting it.  Some members of my church have put together a YouTube video titled Breaking the Grip of Cancer, and have committed today, July 11, 2012, as a day to go to God in prayer about this.

Cancer is more than a physical attack

We all know cancer is a disease which begins to attack our physical body.  However, that is not the only devastating effect of cancer.

I believe these other effects of a cancer are just as damaging as the cancer itself, and this is where we should focus our fight.  Here are the things that cancer brings:

  1. Fear.  As I said above, the mere mention of the word “cancer” brings many emotions, and one of the main and most devastating is fear.  Fearing things that may never happen.
  2. Anxiety and Worry.  The fear of a negative outcome then begins to take root.  Worry of everything from death, to money, and quality of life begin to consume our minds.
  3. Financial burdens.  Medical expenses begin to pile up.  Sometimes a person may not be able to continue working, and/or family may need to provide care (by either leaving their occupation or paying for care).
  4. Depression.  As fear, worry, and financial burdens grab you, hopelessness begins to creep in. In addition to the changes your body goes through, whether caused by the cancer or the treatment, this can be more than a person can handle alone.

However, there is hope!  I believe what the bible says, and the bible gives us encouraging words and ways to fight these things.  The YouTube video (posted below) is a message of hope.  Below the video I’ve shared some “tools” (encouraging bible verses to study and pray) that you can you use to fight these other effects of cancer.  I believe this will give you, and your body, a better chance to fight cancer physically.

(There may be some viewing problems with the YouTube video embedded above.  Here is the actual link to the YouTube video if you experience problems.)

Tools for you to break cancer’s grip

Read them, study them, memorize them, speak them out loud as affirmations and begin Breaking the Grip of Cancer.

Join the fight

So today, let’s come together to fight a disease and it’s effects that have hurt so many of those we love. Remember this when someone says the word CANCER…

Christ Ain’t Never Changed, “Expect Results”

Please join my church today for prayer at 12 o’clock noon (ET), and 8pm tonight (ET).  To call in dial (559) 726-1200, and enter this code 240679#.

Whether you join us in prayer today or not.  Please, please share this post as I believe it can be a blessing and a source of renewed hope for someone, or some family, that is fighting this dreadful disease.  I TRULY APPRECIATE IT!

Have you or anyone you know been successful in Breaking the Grip of Cancer?  If so, please share in the comment section below as it will be a great source of encouragement for those fighting to break the grip now.



Jul 11, 2012