Beat The Blizzard With Some Family Fun


My kids were praying for a white Christmas, and they almost got it.  The snow came in full force, blizzard-like conditions.  It just came after Christmas.  Advised not to travel on the roads unless it was an emergency we found ourselves locked up together at home.

Believing that the holidays are about spending time together, not individually, face in our personal electronic devices, I thought of some things that may be fun for us to do.  I shared them on the CoachUp blog.  Below is an excerpt of the post:

Holiday Break plus Blizzard = Slow Days 

This week we experienced blizzard conditions and were advised not to go anywhere unless it were an emergency.  So here we were, already on break from sports, and now we could not even go to the gym, a local game, or anywhere else for that matter.

 We Will Not Be Stopped

 For a family that is used to being on the go, and used to being active, it can be tough to handle.  Below I’ve shared a list of 5 Sports-Themed Family Activities For Your Holiday Break.  Check them out, and try some with your family.

Click here to read the full post, and share your experiences in the comment section.

Question:  What family activities are you doing over  your holiday break?  Please share in the comment section below.

photo credit: davidkosmos via photopin cc

Dec 27, 2012