My Story Featured in Michael Hyatt’s Your Platform Makeover

I had the opportunity to work with New York Time’s Best Selling Author, Michael Hyatt and his Platform University team. They took me through a consulting session to fine-tune my blog and my message, recorded the entire process, and released a 3-part video series called, Your Platform Makeover.

To say it was beneficial is a gross understatement. It changed the game for me! Click here to see my story, my platform makeover, and learn what simple changes we made to make it all happen.

Your Platform Makeover Video series -760x450

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8 thoughts on “My Story Featured in Michael Hyatt’s Your Platform Makeover

  1. Just saw your story on Platform University and had to hop over to your site and support you! Look forward to your updates as a wife who has been happily married for 17 years with 2 amazing boys! Best of luck to you Jackie look forward to seeing your platform EXPLODE!

  2. Love the videos! How did you know what questions to ask in your survey? And can I do a survey on Facebook? I have no email list yet.

    • Hey Laura. Thanks! I took Michael Hyatt’s survey, a marriage blogger’s survey, and a few other surveys. I just used the questions they were using and paired my down. I figure somebody has already done the work of creating great survey questions, so I can learn from them. 🙂 I believe with you can share your survey on FB and your followers can take it from within FB.

      Don’t neglect your email list. That is the most important thing to your platform.

  3. Your openness about your blogging struggles has been a huge encouragement to me. I love your blog topics and will be stopping by to pin frequently. May God bless you as you seek to strengthen families.