7 Rings of Marriage Book Study & Mini-Training

Lesson 1 - What if You Married for the

Wrong Reasons?

In this lesson we share lessons from The 7 Rings of Marriage and transparently discuss how we may have married for the wrong reasons, but were able to turn that into a great marriage today!

Here are the highlights from this lesson:

  • What happens when you marry for the wrong reasons
  • What marriage is for, it's purpose, and why it's not for you
  • How valuable is your marriage
  • Beginning with the end of your marriage
  • Designing a great marriage
  • The investment which changed our marriage and our lives
  • Saving our marriage. Saving your marriage


Why did you get married?


How two can become one


What to do when, not if, you have marriage problems


The key to prospering


The cornerstone for a lasting marriage


Does your spouse know the real you?


Restoring a broken marriage