5 YouTube Videos To Inspire You


Happy Friday!  Today I want to share a few of my favorite videos.  Videos that I occasionally watch in the morning to get me going.  Enjoy and GET inspired!!

Give Me Your Best!

I have to admit there have been hard times in which I wanted to quit.  This video right here……..has kept me from quitting on several occasions.

That’s My King!

What isn’t He???  And what doesn’t He do???  “Do you know Him?”  This video makes me want to jump out of my seat!

Do It!

This video has gotten my butt up and into action by providing the simple answer to becoming successful, being a better person for your family, and reaching your goals.  Stop talking and DO IT!  And DO IT, and DO IT!  Until the job gets done!

Have You Been Broken?

Once we reach our breaking point we have come very near to our breakthrough point, but it is NOT easy.  You have to want it.

What Would You Give For Today?

No matter what it looks like to other people, you are the only one who knows whether you gave your very best.  “Wins and losses come…but effort, nobody can judge effort.  Effort is between you…and YOU!

After you give yourself a few seconds to let the goose bumps go away, I encourage you to save these videos to your YouTube favorites, and beginning Monday choose one per day to watch before you start your day.  I can almost guarantee that you will approach each day differently and be inspired to GET the most possible out of each day!

Question:  What do you normally do to get inspired or to get out of a rut?  Please share in the comment section below.

Apr 27, 2012