5 Trash Items You Need to Take Out


Wednesday is trash day in our neighborhood.  Today, I had a conference call at 9am, that I was taking in the car.  My call began just as I was pulling out of my driveway, and as I rode down the street I noticed all the trash cans lined up.  I thought to myself, “Shoot!”, as  I realized I would have to turn around, interrupt my call, and wheel our trash can to the curb.  I could have chosen to leave it until next Wednesday, but regular removal of trash from our house is necessary!

A nasty way to live!

Regular removal of trash is not just necessary for our households, but for our lives as well.  When we don’t take out the trash at home, it begins to stink, it overflows, and we have no place to put the additional trash that accumulates.  Just imagine if that became a regular practice!  Eventually our house would be filled with, and smell like trash!  We wouldn’t be able to function as well, because we’d have to work around the accumulated garbage. The same thing happens in our life when we don’t regularly get rid of trash.

Time to clean it up!

What trash is affecting your ability to function?  What trash is leaving you with a stinky life?  Below I’ve listed 5 Trash Items You Need to Take Out.

  1. Trashy thoughts.  When you have thoughts about yourself, or other people, your actions will follow.  Be careful of your thoughts and make a conscious effort to trash any negative ones.
  2. Trashy people.  I have almost 3,000 followers on my Facebook profile.  Most of which I do not even know.  I get a lot of posts in my News Feed, and many of them are of no use to me and pretty ridiculous.  In order for me to see the posts of those I am most interested in, that add value to me, I will need to take out the people who post trash.  It may be time for you to do the same, online and offline.
  3. Trashy habits.  Laziness, worry over things you cannot control, spending money you don’t have, and speaking negative words all fit into this category.  Find out what you do regularly that doesn’t serve a positive purpose in your life and take it out.
  4. Trashy foods.  Processed foods, sugar, and caffeine have all been shown to have a negative impact on our health.  That is literally putting trash in our bodies.  Give your body a chance to function the best it possibly can.  Take those foods out, or at least eat them in moderation.
  5. Trashy time.I recently installed a software on my computer that tracks the time I spend on each app and sends me a report.  I was amazed at the results (in a bad way), and have made some changes.  For you it may be TV.  If it isn’t helping you reach your goals or spend time with on the most important people then I suggest you take it out.
Just like in our house, once you take out the trash, that doesn’t mean you won’t have to do it again. However, if you make it a regular practice of recognizing trash, and taking it out, you will be able to function much better.  And your life won’t be a stinky mess.
Question:  What did I miss?  Is there anything that you would add?  Please share in the comment section below.

Jun 6, 2012