5 Crucial Areas You Must Master in Marriage


For a while, I’ve held onto some things which I knew at some point I’d have to open up and share. These things are from my past, but my not too distant past and it still hurts me to this day. I’ve opened up a lot lately and began to write about them.

They are some of my biggest failures and setbacks in marriage. I knew I couldn’t keep these experiences to myself forever, but sharing your failures isn’t something you rush to do. But I finally shared. I shared because I believed it would help you and others in some crucial areas you must master in marriage.

Marriage and life highlights only

As a writer, I’m always asked to submit my bio to accompany my work.  In a way, an author’s bio is that you want to impress readers and potential readers. So, the typical bio includes all the highlights. It’s kind of the like the ESPN Top 10 of your life and career.

Well in light of me beginning to open up about my struggles and hard experiences, I thought I’d begin to update my bio. You can see snippets of it if you scroll all the way down to the footer of this page and look under “About Me.”

The bad can be good

You will see a few of the areas I’ve struggled and made mistakes. I’ve learned that struggling in these are more common than not. When I polled my social media friends about the most pressing issues married couples face today many of these same areas came up.

This confirms these things are pretty important. So important that you need to master them. If you don’t master them then marriage problems will follow. If you do follow them then marriage bliss is your outcome.

Below are the 5 crucial areas you must master in marriage:

  1. Money and Marriage. This is a biggie. Many couples who divorce list financial problems as the main reason. Managing money is important. It seems when you don’t manage your money you lose it, and with that possibly your marriage as well.
  2. Trust. A relationship without trust is impacted in almost every other area. Communication, intimacy, and even money are all impacted. Building your relationship on trust is crucial and a key to success in marriage.
  3. Romance, Intimacy, and Sex. They are all related but are not all the same. Mastering them can lead to some amazing times in your marriage. Neglecting them, or not knowing how to best achieve them can lead to some frustrating times in your marriage.
  4. Busyness and Quality Time. We have a ton of things to help us do better with our time today, but I’m not sure they actually work the way we hope. We are the busiest society in the history of the world. Sometimes too busy for our most important relationship. If you don’t master time in your marriage, then time will master your marriage.
  5. Communication. Ever been on a date and didn’t know what to say? Ever had a concern, but felt uncomfortable about speaking to your spouse about it? Ever had an issue that you felt you just couldn’t resolve? Then you know how crucial mastering communication in your marriage is.

[shareable text=”Mastering communication in your #marriage is crucial!”]Mastering communication in your marriage is crucial![/shareable]

By mastering these areas in your marriage, you are giving your marriage the chance to be amazing! Because they are so important I’ve asked some of the best marriage bloggers, podcasters, and experts to share how they’ve mastered these areas.

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Nov 30, 2015