25 Words of Encouragement for your Wife on Mother’s Day


Mother’s Day weekend is here this weekend.  Although we should always be encouraging our mother’s and our wives, this weekend is a wonderful time.  A time to encourage her and make her feel really special.

The book, “The Five Love Languages”, Gary Chapman list five key ways that most people express and want to be shown love in a relationship.  He calls each way a love language, and encourages you to know the love language your spouse wants you to speak.

I believe I have identified one of my wife’s, which is “words of affirmation.”

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Do you need a few words of encouragement for your  wife?

A few months ago, I shared some words she loves to hear me say in a blog post.  In just a few months this post has now become my top post.  It is the only post in my top posts which was written and published this year.

All the other posts have had several months of exposure.  I believe it has done so well because many wives desire encouraging words from their husbands.  And many husbands are seeking the right words to say.

This post is one from my series of my most popular posts.  After 265+ posts I realize some of you, who are new to my site, may have missed some of my most popular posts.  So, over the next 5-10 days I will republish the top posts from my blog, and the sites I contribute to on a regular basis.  During this time I will be finishing up some exciting projects which will help you grow as a family leader.  Enjoy and GET ready for some new stuff in May!

A strong relationship will get stronger with words of encouragement

The title for this post, from my series of most popular post is “25 Things Your Wife Will Love to Hear You Say.”  This Mother’s Day weekend I encourage you to truthfully say each one of them to your wife.

Affirm her, encourage her, and make here feel truly special this weekend. [Tweet this]

Below is an excerpt from the post:

If you marriage is like mine, sometimes your wife could use some encouragement.  If you are like me, it is not always easy for your wife to be married to you.  I admit, I can be tough to deal with sometimes.  You can probably say the same.  But sometimes we do get it right, and sometimes we say exactly what our wives need to hear from us at that time.

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Question:  What other ways can you encourage your wife or your mother this Mother’s Day weekend?  Please share in the comment section below.

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May 10, 2013