You’re not interested in your spouse’s hobbies…what do you do?

It’s Friday and that means my friend Shawn Snyder, from The Odd Couple Blog, and I are teaming up on our weekly marriage blog.  Shawn will share her thoughts (in green) on the topic through the eyes of a woman/wife, and I’ll share mine (in blue) through the eyes of a man/husband.  This week’s topic is Should Spouses Have Separate Hobbies.  Enjoy!

In marriage 2 become 1

What do you do when your spouse has hobbies and interests that you do not care for?  What happens when he/she has no interest in the things you like to do?  Is that okay in a marriage, or should you do something about it?

The Ultimate Merger

When two people come together in marriage you are literally bringing two different worlds together, and attempting to co-exist in a way that both people are better off.  No easy task.  The husband has a unique personality, background, and interest.  And so does the wife.  

However, you are to become one. So what do you do when your wife doesn’t want anything to do with something you are vary passionate about and enjoy spending time doing?  Wives, what happens when your husband runs the other way when you want to do your favorite things.  Are you okay with that?  Should you be okay with it?  How should you handle it?

First, I don’t think this is uncommon.  As said before, marriage brings two completely different people together to function as one.  So be encouraged if you are constantly going in opposite directions in relation to you favorite interests.  You are not alone.  There are a few things you should do when you face this.

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Show respect

The worst thing you can do, and belittle, mock or show distaste for their hobby.  If your spouse loves it and you don’t, at a minimum respect it.  That means if it is watching sports, then show respect by not interrupting or trying to distract from his/her time.  If it is working out, then arrange things so they can work out.  Encourage their efforts even if you are allergic to the gym.

Learn more

Why does your spouse have an interest in this?  Find out.  If your spouse likes to spend time doing something, when you learn more about it you have the opportunity to learn more about your spouse. What makes this so intriguing to them, and might I become interested in it as well?  You just might, and this may lead to you both enjoying the same hobby.  However, if he/she wants this hobby to be their “personal” hobby then you have to respect that.

Find common interests

Even if you show respect and learn more, you still may be worlds apart when it comes to certain hobbies and things you like to do.  That is still okay.  At this point you should begin to find or develop common interests and hobbies.  I suggested in last week’s marriage series post that you find something that both of you have no experience, and learn it/do it together.  I’ve witnessed this developing of common interest in my parent’s marriage of 48 years.

So yes, you should do something about having different hobbies than your spouse.  Ultimately whatever you do should lead to your relationship growing in respect, understanding, and becoming closer.

Question:  What different hobbies do you and your spouse have?  How have you handled that in the past, and how will you handle it now?  Please share it the comment section below.

Shawn’s turn:

Individual Time

If you have read many of my blogs or followed me at all you know that I think married people should do many things together. There are times that you can grow as a couple and enjoy experiences as one. However, I do think that we are individuals and there are times that we need be with friends or family doing things that we enjoy without expecting our spouse to be right there.

Separate but Together

My hubby and I do enjoy doing some things that the other one is not into. So, we have times that we do separate activities that we enjoy and then we can come back together and share what we did and the fun we had sharing the joy of being out and experiencing different things. I love going to our city’s botanic garden and seeing the different gardens. My hubby enjoys tearing down an engine and rebuilding it. Neither one of us really has a burning desire to accompany the other during these events but we wouldn’t want to ask each other to give them up either.

Recharge and Create

Doing things separately also gives the individual time to recharge. We need to keep our own creative tanks full so that we can be a better spouse to our mates. Whatever your hobby or creative release is participating in it keeps us happy and healthy so we are in a position to feel better about ourselves and desire to make others in our lives feel the same.

Best of Both Worlds

The only concern that I have about writing about having separate hobbies is when one partner or the other turns the experience of time apart into always being away. If you always golf during the only time your spouse is home or you work out at the gym every night while your spouse sits at home then that is unhealthy for your marriage. Be mindful of including time for just you and the hobby you enjoy and also have some good bonding time for your partner and you will have found the best of both worlds.

Please share if you found a way for both you and your spouse to enjoy separate hobbies but still come together at the end of the day?   SPACE

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  • Kristie Busch

    This is a good article. My husband is simply not interested in my hobbies/ interests at all. Since the beginning, I’ve tried to participate and show interest in what he likes (football, tablet/ phone games & the occasional fishing, things I didn’t care for before), because I love him. I enjoy doing those things with him, I want to spend time with him. He on the other hand would make fun of mine, or say ” I don’t like it, so why should I do it/ or try it”. Or “if you find something more interesting to do I might do it”. Eventually I gave up on my hobbies: 1) Got tired of being made fun of. 2) I felt if we lived 2 separate lives, what’s the point of being married. We both work full time etc, and wouldn’t have time to really connect. Yes, it was my choice, but I feel resentful now. Instead of the healthy activities I enjoyed, ive developed unhealthy activites plus gained weight. I just think some people only care about themselves, and he’s one of them.

  • maria roupa

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  • Aaron

    I have been into running the last couple of years. I worked myself up to do a half marathon. My wife said that she did not want to go to the event because it’s gonna be too cold and too early in the morning. It hurt my feelings, like she didn’t care about my accomplishment. At the running event there were all kinds of husbands, wives, and kids all supporting each other. Even strangers supporting people they don’t even know. This year I have now plans to do one in April when the weather will be warmer and it is close to home, maybe 10 minutes, away and she still doesn’t want to go. It just strikes me as odd to not have her support. We have been married for 15 years, known each other for 26 and have four kids.

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  • Robert L Bridges

    My wife is Not interested my hobby /pastime of playing a pencil & paper tabletop role playing game called Pathfinder Role Playing Game and I firmly believe that she doesn’t respect my hobby because of the connection to Dungeons & Dragons ( D&D ) and the middle 1980’s hysteria about D&D being Satan worship & demonic that was untrue. I do want to be able to share more then just ” I had a good time gaming today”.
    She thinks the dice uses is “weird” ( polyhedral dice – 4, 6, 8,10,12 and 20 sided); to me that is mocking and frankly the dice are not used that often. I try to go “gaming” once a month for 5 hours ( I do arrive at the location early ) to spend time away from her as we are both disabled & together 24/7 and I Need a break from her and being her at home medical provider.
    Role playing gaming is Not Satan worship nor demonic it is actually helpful for me. I have Asperger’s Syndrome & gaming helps me with – social skills, problem solving, teamwork, MATH (yuck), and reading.

    Prior to our marriage I was playing D&D 3.5 Edition in Texas. When I moved from Texas to North Carolina & we got married my role plying gaming ended for 5 years due to no local groups. We moved from NC to SC 2 years ago ( May 2014) and I found on meetup dot com a role playing group that gets together once a month and began playing. My wife knew I was gaming while I was courting her in 2009 but my gaming activity is still an issue due to her non interest and mocking. What do I do ? I am at a loss. I want to be able to share my hobby with her but her attitude about it leaves much to be desired.

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  • Gireeshkumar P.Balan

    Some spelling mistakes…Pl correct it.
    1. However, you are to become one. So what do you do when your wife doesn’t want anything to do with something you are vary passionate about and enjoy spending time doing? (Here please use “very” instead of “vary”
    2. So be encouraged if you are constantly going in opposite directions in relation to you favorite interests. (Please use “your” instead of “you”
    I am a writer…that’s why spelling mistakes are disgusting will break your smooth progression of reading….good luck

  • Amanda Mckennie

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  • katherine

    My husband enjoys riding dirt bikes (moto/supercross). There aren’t many tracks where we live; the closest one is 45 minutes away. We both work full time and have a 1 yr old. I enjoy watching moto/supercross; I’ll watch the races with him on tv. But he always encourages me to take our son to the track with him while he rides; which sounds great in theory; it’s easy to say “just take the baby with you and come out” when he’s not the one watching/entertaining/feeding the baby. Our baby is still crawling; is dependent on naps (or else he gets cranky); needs to eat regularly; needs cold milk; etc. (lots of planning for an outing such as this). We would be at the track for at least half a day; but the past 2 weekends my husband has been at the track for a whole day. One weekend was because of a race; and the other weekend was because the track was 2 hrs away (so that’s 4 hrs travel time). I went to the track once with him and the baby and it was hot and the baby was getting very antsy and it made it difficult to stay out there for very long….I had to take the baby into town to keep him entertained; so it kind of defeated the purpose of going to the track with my husband. Now, when he rides, it is 1 day out of the weekend; the other day is spent with us. But I struggle with feeling like I never get a break because he is always gone. O, I didn’t mention, that some weekends he is out of town working races on the medical team (out of state). So I am home alone a lot of weekends with our baby after also working a full week 8-5. I start to feel resentment because I don’t feel like I have time to myself and he always gets to go off and do what he loves while I’m stuck at home. I don’t want to hurt his feelings or feel like his mom by telling him “no, I don’t want you to ride this weekend” when I can see the joy on his face and hear the joy in his voice. I’m struggling….suggestions/advice would be appreciated.

  • Cheryl

    My husband loves boating and he purchased a boat last June. He always wanted to go boating and I did not. I did go on the boat a bunch of times, but I did not always want to go because my daughter was 6 months then and she didn’t nap on the boat so it was more difficult for me. Then he brought up biking how I never want to go biking with him. He got me a bike ( without talking to me first) last summer when I was pregnant, not exactly the most comfortable situation for me. Why can’t he go biking himself? I do not have to do everything he wants and he’s making it seem like I don’t like doing anything , because its not what he wants to do. help!

  • Clara Jason

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  • gianni454

    my fiance never wants to go to shows with me, whether it be concerts or plays. I always have to find some one to attend. These are things I want to share with him.
    For example, I have an extra ticket today because my friend bailed. I am left searching for someone to join me, or i’ll go alone. He does not want to join me. If the situations were reversed I would go with him.

    • Hi Gianni, I’m sorry to hear that. One of the best things you can do is doing just what you said you would do, if the situation were reversed you’d go with him.

      So, when you have the opportunity to get engaged with his activities do so, if he welcomes it. Perhaps over time and consistently doing that will lead him to see what you are doing and lead him to change.

  • kernitandburnit

    Classic case of two people growing apart or growing together. Call me a cynic, but the whole institution of marriage seems bizarre in this day and age. Why commit to something that lasts decades on end when a lot of folks barely know themselves well enough to see five years into the future? Heck, Millennials are still “finding themselves” well into their 30s. And that’s fine. There should be no rush to the alter.

    • I agree there should be no rush to the alter. However, perhaps it’s not the “institution of marriage in this day and age” that is bizarre…perhaps it’s the people in this day and age and their choices?

      • kernitandburnit

        Possibly! It’s really a matter of societal norms and personal philosophy. Many articles have noted a downturn in divorces in recent years, but you can’t neglect the fact more people are marrying older or not at all.

  • Michelle Kaether

    A great compromise that my Husband and I have found is that, if possible, when one spouse is participating in their hobby, the other brings their hobby with them into the same room and works on that. Obviously this isn’t going to work with certain types of activities, but if he likes watching sports and she likes painting or some other type of craft, it works out quite well! This way, the two people are not entirely separate physically, but each has the time and space to devote to their own project while still being near the other person and spending time around them. It fosters both personal creativity and also mutual bonding, because both people are actively participating in something they love doing while still being near their loved one.

  • Louise Damen

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  • O’Sullivan.A.Eimear

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  • KT Sanders

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  • Henry Nancy

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  • AnaBanana

    how much time should be allotted to do these hobbies per week? Separately? My husband enjoys online gaming and I cannot wrap my mind around him spending equal hours of a p/t job doing this hobby. We are having quite a bit of arguments re: the subject, and cannot find a common ground.

    • Hi Ana, great question. How much time per week is really relative to each marriage.

      To best answer that question, it’d be helpful to have more info through asking more questions. Of course, too much of anything can be a bad thing. A short-answer/solution would be to find a way to discuss it and try to agree upon some boundaries. Perhaps over date nights or other times you spend together, but not necessarily in the moment.

      • AnaBanana

        My outlet is working out, I like to do it 6 days a week. At least an hour sometimes more, sometimes less. I tried to offer the same and he said that doesn’t work because the kind of game he plays doesn’t work like that. I work M-F, he works T-S, so he gets Mondays off, to be at home alone, to play and he still wants more time outside of Mondays. There have been nights he came to bed at 12, 2 or almost 3am because he was on his computer; when he had started at like 9pm. He thinks I am being unfair, and I am feeling like I am 2nd. He says I’m not, but I feel like his actions tell me different. He said he needs this time to be happy…currently neither is with the bickering re: the issue.

        • Robert L Bridges

          I play online role playing games but I set myself a limit as to how long – 2 or 3 hours and take breaks as needed. The time spent playing depends on the game in question as some online games have very involved in game “quests”. Do talk to him about an appropriate boundary as to how much time he spends online gaming but also set a limit as to bedtime. My P.O.V – 3 AM is not a healthy bedtime.

  • davisha

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  • sal

    I am struggling with this as my husband of 17 years, only real interest is to watch tv or eat out, have sex, go the movies etc (sedentary). which has lead to us both being obese and unhealthy and obviously not a good example for our 2 children (17 and 10 years old). In 2010 I decided to cut way back on outside activities to stop fighting and spend time doing mostly what he wanted inside the house (watching tv and eating, having sex) and I gained about 40 pounds and was depressed. In 2012 my Dad got sick, died while I watched and snapped me into the present moment and since then, I decided to take better care of myself and quit wasting time and have gradually been making adjustments towards a healthy lifestyle and long for a life where our entire family is active and we can comfortably take vacations and live an active full life travel, do things outdoors together like yardwork, hike, etc. I really don’t think he wants that and I am ready to file for divorce. He is adamant that even though he is over 150 pounds overweight that he is healthy and that he would lose weight if he had better reason to, or that he can when he wants to, etc… He has spent lots of money on quick solutions/gym memberships, etc that don’t work. We have never had common too many common interests and when I spend time away from home being active (boating, travelling, spending time out with friends or with the kids), it is a problem because he feels like I am not focused on our relationship. I could go on and on.. I was in counseling for years, he refuses to go. I quit going because it was mostly about how I could communicate with him to not argue and how to defuse situations and run the household without conflict. Any feedback you could give me to get him more interested in living a life instead watching others live one on TV would be great. I love him, but I also love myself and my kids and know we deserve a better life.

    • I am sorry to hear that. I can’t adequately address all of what you mentioned in your comment, but I will offer this. Be encouraged and be consistent. As I said, there is so much more to go into, but won’t be able to do it here.

      We (my wife and I) are considering doing some private coaching and counseling services for our readers who express concerns like this, and a blog post, blog post comment, or something like that may not be enough. Would that be something that interests you?

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  • Heath Wiggins

    Just browsing revelant posts and happened upon this one. Seemed interesting. The two became one — but not each other. I like that one Shawn. Finding something we both don’t know how to do and doing it together. I like that one too JB. I might revisit that one. My wife and I took swing dance lesson back in the day. That was fun. But after being married 15yrs, we are looking for something new and creative to do together. We’ve done all the standard ones that most married couples have done. And I’m looking for that brand-newness! That, “Oh no yall didn’t! Oh yes we did”-style activities that we can do together. Yesterday we were talking about what we are going to do for vacation this year/and for our anniversary in Oct. We go nothing – because we’ve pretty much done it all. We even talked about doing a Best Of revisit to our favorite destinations. We need som new ideas. That’s my challenge for you two – Mr. & Ms. family blog people-lol. Whatcha got for me? And bring the funk! (looking for input from both Shawn and JB)

    • Hey Heath! Thanks for sharing. We may be able to learn a thing or two from you and your wife. I’d love to hear more. Your question/challenge is a good one. I’m adding this to my post ideas. Hopefully I will have something new for ya! 🙂

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  • I think women probably fall into the trap of only doing what their husband is interested in more than the other way around. I think it is essential to have separate interests/hobbies as a way to maintain one’s own identity. Even though “two become one”, they do not become *each other*. I know that if I was not as independent as I am and didn’t have my own interests, I’d be a little lost, especially because due to the nature of my husband’s job, he works long hours.

    • Thanks for sharing Kelly. When couples respect the other’s interest, whether they share the same or not, then the the hobbies can be enjoyable and stress free. That is what many look to get from their hobbies…fun and an outlet.

    • carina gomez

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