Who Influenced You this Week? Here’s Who Influenced Me

I am part of a few blogging communities and follow many other bloggers that share interesting content.  I continually find information that helps me, helps my family, and helps my career when I read their blog posts. Below I’ve compiled a list of the most interesting, useful, and fun blog posts I’ve read this week. Hopefully you’ll find some new blogs that you can add to your regular reading.

Introducing...my most influential bloggers this week!

The Highs & Lows of Watching Your Son Pitch at SportsDadHub.com

Is Homeschooling the Best Option for African-American Children at BlackandMarriedWithKids.com

8 Tips for Waking Up Early & Conquering the Alarm Clock at GoinsWriter.com

How to Create More Margin in Your Life at Michael Hyatt.com

20 Things God Says About You at BigIsTheNewSmall.com

How I put Homeschooling on Reality TV at PenelopeTrunk.com

Two Word of Wisdom That Will Change Your Life at RonEdmondson.com

These posts influenced me in many different ways, I hope they do you as well.  Enjoy!

Question:  Who influenced you this week (online or offline)?  Please share in the comment section below.



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