What’s the Key to ProspeRING in Your Marriage?

Lesson 7 of the 7 Rings of Marriage Live Book Study

This is lesson seven of an eight-week book study we’re hosting live on The 7 Rings of Marriage. Be sure to join the book study so you don’t miss next week’s lesson, and join the conversation live!

Wouldn’t it be great if you held the key to prospering in your marriage? That’d be amazing right! You could open the door to prospering and happiness and a great marriage whenever you wanted to. You wouldn’t hesitate to use it, right?

Well, you do have the key to prospering in your marriage! You may not have recognized what this key is, but you have it, and your spouse has it too. But you don’t have to use his/her key—you can use your own.

I hosted lesson seven of the 7 Rings book study on Facebook Live this week. I talked about this key and how prospering may look different than what you think it looks like. Learn from our experiences of prospering through great and through difficult times when you watch this week’s lesson.

Book Study Highlights

Below is what I discussed about the sixth of the 7 RingsThe ProspeRING. Here’s what I talked about:

  • Why the hardest times in your marriage might be your best times
  • There is no ProspeRING without a PerseveRING and a RestoRING
  • Our family Disney trip nightmare
  • The tandem bike ride test
  • 4 things you need to learn
  • The impact your perspective has on your marriage
  • My personal story of taking my wife for granted


Here are the resources we mentioned this week:

What We’ll Discuss Next Week

We hope you’ll join us live next week for The 7 Rings of Marriage book study where we’ll go deep into the last of the 7 Rings, The MentoRING. This ring is where you give back in marriage experience and wisdom to others who are where you once were.

If you want to move down the proven path to a lasting and fulfilling marriage, then I encourage you to pick up a copy of The 7 Rings of Marriage. Remember you can get a free download of the audiobook, and listen anywhere you like.

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