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  • Jackie, these are the types of blog posts that move me. When you made the decision to say ‘no’ to the next tournament, I’m curious about something (and it will help others)? When did you make the decision? You knew it was coming. Did you make it during the last tournament when you felt overcommitted? Or at home when you saw the effects on your wife? Or, maybe an honest answer (that I might say)… You REALLY wanted to say ‘yes’ and begrudgingly said ‘no’, then after seeing your wife’s reaction, your heart changed to a true ‘no’. I think there are stages to a habit of sacrificing and winning balance. Thanks for sending this out, very thought provoking.

    • Thanks, Ken. I made the final decision almost 2 weeks before Thanksgiving. Made it official by letting my co-coach know the weekend before Thanksgiving.

      It was hard, and honestly when the director of our basketball club asked me if our team was playing I asked for my wife’s thoughts first (lesson I learned from past experiences like this). This is what almost brought her to tears. The fact I asked her before anybody else. In the past I’d work out all the details then mention it to her.

      But I also shared with her how I was feeling conflicted as I felt an obligation to the team I volunteered to coach and the families who paid to be apart of this team and get as much basketball experience as they can. But at the end of the day my most important relationship and the one I need to invest in is the one with my wife.

      Maybe I’ll expand that email into a blog post…what do you think?

      • Definitely Jackie! You already have a way with words, which can move people to take action. That is a gift. Why not use this gift to dissect your decision. I learn when I hear a mentor walk me through a tough decision that they made:)

        • Awesome, I’ve added it to my post ideas file. Thanks for the encouraging words and the idea, Ken!