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The 7 Rings of Marriage

7 Rings of Marriage


In the "7 Rings," I outline the model for a lasting and fulfilling marriage. No matter where you are in marriage, you'll learn about each of the seven rings, as well as practical advice to help you create an amazing marriage. Per Dr. Gary Chapman's endorsement of the book, it "will definitely help you have a growing marriage."

7 Rings of Marriage


In this unabridged audiobook version of the "7 Rings," which I read myself,  you have opportunity to take the "7 Rings" with you in your car, during your workout, and wherever you go. Here me read the same practival advice that'll lead to a lasting and fulfilling marriage.

7 Rings of Marriage Summit 2016
(Online Summit)


In this online marriage summit you'll hear the experiences and lessons from couples my wife and I interviewed who've overcome infidelity, porn addictions, finanical issues amd massive debt, health issues, separation and more. Their lessons and experiences will change your marriage.

7 Rings of Marriage
(Bible Study Kit)


This Bible study contains eight video lessons, one leader workbook, and one copy of the 7 Rings of Marriage Book. The study not only outlines the "7 Rings" but provides practical biblical insight and activities to help couples in all stages of marriage. Discover the pathway to a lasting and fulfilling marriage, and live out your calling as a couple. 

7 Rings of Marriage
(Bible Study Workbook)


This Bible study workbook, to be used with the Bible Study video lessons, contains discusson questions, group and couple activities, marriage enrichment activities, date night suggestions and conversation starters for each of the "7 Rings." It's an amazing tool for couples to go through with one other couple or a small group.

Marriage Workshops

How to Have Extraordinary Romance, Intimacy, and Sex in Your Marriage


A marriage without intimacy and fulfilling sex isn't one that any of us want to be in. Unfortunately many of us have been there, or are there now. Learn to bring back the romance, intimacy, and amazing sex in your marraige.

How to Grow Your Money
and Your Marriage



Do you work or your money or does your money work for you? Learn to get control of your money and use it as a tool to help your marriage grow versus something divisive which leaves your bank accounts and your love accounts empty.

How to Kill Busyness and Get More Quality Time in Your Marriage


Do you steal from your spouse? Most of us do, as we allow busyiness to rob the precious quality time. Learn to quit being so busy and gain back that quality time.

How to Rebuild Trust
in Your Marriage


Can trust be rebuilt once broken? Some say no, but the answer is yes it can be rebuild. No matter what the trust breaking offense was, it can be rebuilt. Learn how to rebuild trust together.

How to Better Communicate
in Your Marriage


Surface level or weak communication can lead to problems in every area of your marriage.  Learn to better communicate and effectively change all other areas in your marriage.

How to Marriage Workshop Bundle...
(4 Videos & 1 Audio)


Save 25% by purchasing the bundle of all five marriage workshops.