Only in Indiana…Creative Uses of Time, Talent, and Treasure for Good

I was born, raised, and currently reside in Indiana, so this next statement may be a bit biased, but it is true.  Indiana people and organizations come up with some of the most creative, savvy, and just plain interesting ways to support the causes they are passionate about. I guess when you are from Indiana you find creative ways to put your time, talent, and treasure to use for good.

Are You Reading and Learning Daily? Here Is Who I Learn From

I have a lot of interests.  From Family to Business to Fitness to Homeschooling to Basketball to Personal Finance to Personal Branding to Personal Development…etc!  I have long list of blogs and sites that I subscribe to that cater to my interests.  It is very important that we read daily.

The Power of Blogging

Blogging has become a very powerful platform today.  The blogosphere has grown tremendously over the past decade and continues to grow at a phenomenal rate.  One of the reasons blogging is such a powerful platform is that anyone with a computer and internet access can become a blogger, thus anyone can have a world wide voice to express themselves and share their passions.

80 Goals That Provide Motivation For Me…My Life Goals

This is something I never thought I’d do.  I am a very private person and do not share a lot of things that are personal to me.  But here I am posting My Life Goals for the world to see!  Who woulda thunk it!?  Not me!

My hope for you in sharing my goals is that you will be inspired to dream bigger than ever, that you will be bold enough to pursue your goals, and if you have never set life goals after you finish reading this post you will sit down and start the process of writing your life goals.

Future Entrepreneurs and Philanthropists…The Bledsoe Kids

Just wanted to share something exciting with you in a really quick (unedited) post.  This year our kids will be setting up a lemonade stand and participating in their 3rd annual Lemonade Day here in Indianapolis (for more info on Lemonade Day please click here to visit their site).  Each year as part of their lemonade stand business plan, our kids have committed to sharing a portion of their profits with a nonprofit.

4 Innovative Social Good Platforms Doing GREAT Things

Social good, social entrepreneurship, cause marketing, and crowdfunding are a few of the many buzzwords flying around today.  With social media and technological advances people and organizations are coming with up with many creative and innovative ways to raise awareness and funds for various causes and meet the needs of people all over the globe.

Projects from the “Hood” and the “Mob” creating Hope

In today’s social media environment even the “Hood” and the “Mob” are doing good!  Over the past several weeks I’ve been following two very unique projects for social good that are giving the “Hood” and “Mob” a good name.  Two of the most radically creative individuals I’ve come across are engaging other people to join their “Hood” and “Mob” movements for social good.  To-date over 4,000 “generous strangers” have joined their teams. Combined, these social good projects have raised close to half a million dollars (roughly $490,000 at the time of this post) in a little over 90 days!

Ten People All Twitter Users Should Follow

Twitter is quickly becoming my social network of choice.  One reason is that I am quickly able to connect with people everywhere who have interests similar to mine.  I am connected with more people on Facebook, but most of my Facebook friends are local people which means the conversation doesn’t have as much variety as it does on Twitter.  Although there is more variety in my Twitter feed I can also focus on a particular topic or group of people by utilizing #hashtags and Twitter lists.