7 Productivity Tools You Should Not Be Without

I have many roles or hats that I wear in my life on a day to day basis.  The lists of hats include husband, father, homeschool dad & tutor, entrepreneur, blogger, youth children’s church teacher, and youth sports coach.  That doesn’t include the many friendships and other family relationships.  Needless to stay I stay busy and I stay on the go.  I am assuming that I am not the only person who wears many different hats. Being productive and staying on top of all that I have to do can be challenging at times.  The advances in technology, especially mobile, have helped me tremendously.  There are a few tools that I lean on heavily to help me stay productive and manage my time.  Below are 7 Productivity Tools You Should Not Be Without.

3 Steps to Get Better Homeschool Results

What do you do when you find yourself two weeks behind?

Jaicey and her dad HAVING FUN

My wife and I tag team the homeschooling of our children, and my primary role as homeschool dad is to teach the English grammar, writing, and math portions of the curriculum for our daughter, Jaicey.  Over the last few weeks I have allowed us to get behind schedule, to the tune of 2 weeks.  One of the best parts of homeschool is we are not bound by a schedule like traditional schooling.  We have great flexibility with homeschooling so I’m not overly concerned, but definitely do not want to continue this pattern.  We had to break the pattern and counterproductive habits that led to this.