Are You Reading and Learning Daily? Here Is Who I Learn From

I have a lot of interests.  From Family to Business to Fitness to Homeschooling to Basketball to Personal Finance to Personal Branding to Personal Development…etc!  I have long list of blogs and sites that I subscribe to that cater to my interests.  It is very important that we read daily.

Why Homeschooling Is A No Brainer

We are finishing our 3rd year of homeschool, and are more than knee deep in the homeschool lifestyle.  This year is the 1st year that our entire family was involved. As we close out the school year I am even more excited and committed to continue this path. When you look at the benefits of homeschooling for your children and for you it is evident that Homeschooling is a No Brianer!

80 Goals That Provide Motivation For Me…My Life Goals

This is something I never thought I’d do.  I am a very private person and do not share a lot of things that are personal to me.  But here I am posting My Life Goals for the world to see!  Who woulda thunk it!?  Not me!

My hope for you in sharing my goals is that you will be inspired to dream bigger than ever, that you will be bold enough to pursue your goals, and if you have never set life goals after you finish reading this post you will sit down and start the process of writing your life goals.

The REAL Secret to Success and Achievement

I am not a big fan of the film “The Secret”, which was one of the biggest selling DVDs the year it was released (2006).  I do believe that our thoughts are powerful, as everything that was ever created by man, or woman, originated in our minds.  However, once a thought is conceived some action has to be taken.  Many times the action(s) have to be done over and over again, in spite of difficulty or opposition.  This to me is the The REAL Secret to Success and Achievement…

One Thing That Ends ALL Your Excuses…

I hate excuses.  It bothers me to the core when I hear people making excuses, and that includes hearing myself make excuses, as I am not immune to them.  I preach and teach in my household all the time “unsuccessful people make excuses…successful people make it happen!”  I have found one guaranteed way to get rid of any excuse.

Homeschooling and Athletics Are a Perfect Match

The success of Tim Tebow has had a positive impact on families choosing to homeschool their children while pursuing athletics for them as well.  Since being a homeschool dad I have noticed many similarities in homeschool education and athletic training.  Those similarities lead me to believe that homeschooling and athletics are a perfect match!

Homeschool Dad Lesson: It’s Okay To Struggle

Homeschool dad…that was something I never would have imagined as being one of my roles. Yet, over the past 8 months I have embraced it and am really glad that I can be called a homeschool dad.   It has been great to be so involved in the teaching and training of my children, and to model the skills they are to master.  Equally great are the lessons that I am learning and/or relearning.  Not just the grammar and basics, but the life lessons that will be valuable today and 20 years from now.  One of the biggest lessons I am learning, while at the same time modeling for my daughter, is “it’s okay to struggle.