4 Ways to Structure Your Career Around Your Family

I’ve been a part of a few mastermind groups over the past few years. It never seems to fail that each time we get together something is said or done that is super beneficial. This week it was a quote that has just been messing with me since I heard it.

4 Ways to Structure Your Career Around Your Family - JackieBledsoe.com | Be intentional about structuring your career around your family

The quote was actually shared at the previous week’s mastermind, but it was brought up again this week because it had such a profound impact on everyone in the group. It challenged me, my mastermind group, and will challenge you as well.

5 Ways Masterminds and Small Groups Will Take You to Another Level

Several years ago my wife, Stephana, and I were having a prolonged disagreement that was getting on the verge of destroying our relationship. We just couldn’t resolve it no matter what we tried.

5 Ways Masterminds and Small Groups Will Take You to Another Level - JackieBledsoe.com | How my small groups and masterminds have taken me to higher levels

Finally I couldn’t take it and I left our apartment, not knowing where I was going or when I was coming back. When I finally came to my senses (realizing I really had nowhere to go), I came home.

My Story Featured in Michael Hyatt’s Your Platform Makeover

I had the opportunity to work with New York Time’s Best Selling Author, Michael Hyatt and his Platform University team. They took me through a consulting session to fine-tune my blog and my message, recorded the entire process, and released a 3-part video series called, Your Platform Makeover.

To say it was beneficial is a gross understatement. It changed the game for me! Click here to see my story, my platform makeover, and learn what simple changes we made to make it all happen.

Your Platform Makeover Video series -760x450

My Convo with NFL Super Bowl Champ, Entrepreneur, and Sports Parent Rosevelt Colvin

The 2013 NFL Kickoff is tonight starting with the defending Super Bowl Champs the Baltimore Ravens taking on the Denver Broncos.  What better way to kickoff the season then by chatting with two-time Super Bowl Champion, entrepreneur, sports parent and Indy native Rosevelt Colvin.

Screen shot 2013-09-05 at 5.53.22 PM

Rosevelt was drafted by the Chicago Bears in 1999, played for the Bears, the New England Patriots, and the Houston Texans.  Some of his best years were spent playing linebacker for the Patriots, where he won two Super Bowl rings during the process.

How To Eliminate Paper Clutter With Evernote

I DO NOT like paper!  I am on a quest to eliminate as much paper in my life as possible.  But everyday new paper finds its way in my life.

How to Eliminate Paper Clutter Using Evernote

Mail, meeting notes, business receipts, maintenance quotes and records, medical records, warranties, bills, statements, school work, flyers, magazine articles, etc.  It can be overwhelming!

Why Your Family Should Be Using Evernote Plus 5 Practical Uses

I absolutely love apps!  I love my Android phone, and the thousands of apps available to can help me be more productive, more organized, and entertained.

Organizing your family with Evernote

I’ve written in the past about a few of my favorite apps, but I’ve come to realize that one app surpasses them all for me.  That is my Evernote app!

What Writing Daily Has Done for Me and What You Can Learn From It

It is amazing when you give to others, how much you receive.  When you encourage people how much you are encouraged.  And when you teach practical ideas how much you learn.

The habit of daily writing opens opportunities

Since I have been blogging and attempting to GIVE more, ENCOURAGE people, and TEACH what I’ve learned to the readers of my blog, it has come back to me.  I am thankful for each and everyone of you who read my blog!