Are You Thankful for Your Family (the good and the bad)?

Why Expressing Gratitude is the Key to Success in Your Marriage, Family, and Life

I woke up this morning, extremely excited, extremely happy, and extremely energetic! That may be the way you wake up every morning, but I have to admit that hasn’t been my mornings as of late. I’ve not been looking forward to each day, some mornings I’ve been down, and most mornings I’ve been lacking energy.

Are You Thankful for Your Family (the good and the bad)? -

Have you been there before? Have you gotten into this rut of “blah?” Been in a season of being stuck, uninspired, frustrated with your life, your marriage, or your circumstances? If so, you may be struggling with the same thing that landed me there. The good news is the “fix” is simple. And today, there is no shortage of it around you. You just need to embrace it and practice it yourself.

How Far Will You Go to Put Your Family First?

3 Insights from Adam LaRoche's Decision to Choose Family over Pro Baseball

The past few days I’ve been following a sports story about a father and his son. If you’ve been too caught up in March Madness you may have missed it. - How Far Will You Go to Put Your Family First

Adam LaRoche is, or was, a player for the Chicago White Sox, until he abruptly retired with a $14 million contract due to him this baseball season. The reason he retired? A White Sox executive asked him to bring his 14-year-old son around the team less often.

5 Crucial Areas You Must Master in Marriage

Get access to the secrets of some amazing marriages

For a while, I’ve held onto some things which I knew at some point I’d have to open up and share. These things are from my past, but my not too distant past and it still hurts me to this day. I’ve opened up a lot lately and began to write about them.

5 Crucial Areas You Must Master in Marriage -

They are some of my biggest failures and setbacks in marriage. I knew I couldn’t keep these experiences to myself forever, but sharing your failures isn’t something you rush to do. But I finally shared. I shared because I believed it would help you and others in some crucial areas you must master in marriage.

One Secret Advantage to a Great Marriage

Last Friday I did the final read-thru and spot-check of my new book, The 7 Rings of Marriage, before it was sent off to the printers. I have to say I have the most amazing and patient team working with me at B&H Publishing. This is my first print book and I checked and checked, and made edits and updates on top of edits and updates. I even updated one of the updates!

One Secret Advantage to a Great Marriage -

Growing Stronger in Love After a Life-changing Injury

This is a guest post from Marco Bendinelli. Marco is an attorney in the state of Colorado. He’s shared a post on a topic that I haven’t covered on my blog before — what happens when one spouse suffers a life-changing injury, and how to make your marriage stronger through it. Whether you’ve experienced this or not, what he shares can benefit your marriage. If you want to guest post on my blog, check out my guest post guidelines and submit your post.

Few things can shake up your personal life more than a major injury. When you suddenly become disabled or otherwise injured, many things can crash as a result; not least of all is your love and marriage. How do you remain strong as a couple while coming to terms with such devastating life changes?

Growing Stronger in Love After a Life-changing Injury -

When your personal body changes, it is easy to focus inwards and accidentally shun those you love. It is during these times especially that you should strive to work together as a couple. Indeed, couples that make the effort during the most difficult times often emerge with some of the strongest marriages you will likely see.

5 Ways Being Broken and Homeless Changed My Family

At the beginning of this month we took our first family road trip vacation in years. My wife and kids and my parents packed up two cars full of stuff and headed west. We were headed to spend time with my brother and his family in Missouri. But this was a trip that almost didn’t happen.

5 Reasons Why It's Good to be Broken -

We had an amazing time. The words I kept hearing from our kids were “epic family vacation!” I have to agree, although I didn’t think it would happen. Shortly after the trip was initially planned we found out that our daughter had a national track meet the same week.

How Finances and Unfaithfulness Almost Destroyed our Marriage

Last Sunday on our web show we had a snafu that left us unable to share the amazing interview we had with our guest couple. - About Jackie Bledsoe

So, to keep our promise of sharing an interview with a couple who has or is working toward a lasting and fulfilling marriage, we turned the tables. We decided to sit in the interviewee seat.

3 Changes For Less Stress This Year


This is a guest post from Chris Goodchild. Chris lives in Cranbrook, UK where he is husband to Candy and Dad to four boys. He’s a writer and problem solver and believes that every marriage can be even better. Today he shares three easy-to-implement changes to achieve less stress in life. You can read more of Chris’ writings at and connect on Twitter at @WorkingMarried. If you want to guest post on my blog, check out my guest post guidelines and submit your post.

I slumped helpless, hopeless into my seat. “Oh God…” I whispered; it was as much as I could say. My head buried in my hands hid the tears that forced themselves through clenched eyelids. What had I done? They didn’t deserve to be treated like that – no one does.

Work had been getting on top of me for months. The pressure was building. Once I had enjoyed it. The variety, the challenge, and the people. But now… it was different. Every day I woke with that nauseous feeling in the pit of my stomach. The tension in my chest – at times I felt like it would crush me.

How Trust, Loyalty, and Unity in Marriage Came from $127,482.30 in Debt

This is a guest post from Cherie Lowe. Since 2008, Cherie has been confidently wearing a plastic crown and encouraging others to dream big dreams. Together with her husband, Brian, Cherie paid off $127,482.30 in a little under four years. She scribed the ups and downs of their debt-slaying journey on her popular website, If you want to guest post on my blog, check out my guest post guidelines and submit your post.

My husband Brian is a patient man. For more than two years, he cast the vision for our family to get out of debt. It’s not that I was ever vehemently opposed to the goal. I mean, who really ever says, “I think it would be swell to have $127K+ in debt. Let’s keep on doing that!”?

How Trust, Loyalty, and Unity in Marriage Came from 7,482.30 in Debt by Cherie Lowe

I just couldn’t see how it would actually be possible to pay off that much debt. Weren’t we already stretched as far as possible? Where would all of that money come from? And certainly we would be absolutely miserable in the process. Who wants that kind of grief in life?