It Still Takes a Village…That Village Just Looks Different Today

Who or what makes up your kids' village?

It’s finally Spring weather here in Indiana! If you are familiar with the weather in the midwest, especially Indiana, you can understand my excitement. We are not too surprised when winter weather is the norm even after March 21st when it’s supposed to be spring. So, when we get several days of spring-like weather we are excited.

It Still Takes a Village -

For our family, it’s time to pull out the bikes and take some family bike rides. It’s our thing during the spring and summer. We ride around our neighborhood, pack up bikes and go to the park or even downtown Indy. I remember riding bikes during the spring and summer as kids, but it wasn’t the family bike ride like we do today. It was different then.

One Simple Way to Guarantee Relationship Success

I heard a quote several years ago that has stuck with me ever since. The quote is the best – maybe the only – way to predict the future.

One Simple Way to Guarantee Relationship Success - | this is the best way to determine your relationships future

So far for me, it has been a great forecaster of my future. And that fact has me super excited about what lies ahead for me and my family in the coming years. There are many versions of the quote, so I’ll quote the one I’m most familiar with…

How to Use Technology to Bring Your Family Together Not Apart

7 Ways to Help Your Family Connect

New technology has created a new norm for today’s modern family. We have things at our fingertips that we’ve never had before. But we also have challenges that we’ve never had before. Is technology beneficial in bringing your family together? Or is it actually pushing your family apart?

How to Use Technology to Bring Your Family Together Not Apart - - Growing Family Leaders

7 Leadership Lessons I Learned From My Wife

Valuable Insights from a Woman Who Constantly Amazes Me

This past Tuesday our homeschooling group had our end of school year presentations. It was great seeing the kids display all they’ve learned this year, but at the same time it was bittersweet.

7 Leadership Lessons I Learned From My Wife - | I learned some great stuff from my wife

This closing ceremony marked the end of my wife serving as the director of our homeschooling community. After much prayer and thinking, we decided it’s best for her to step down from this role and get more intentional with our kids’ homeschooling as well as help out with my platform, our web show, and speaking opportunities.

The Key to Raising Kids with Faith

How do you instill faith in your kids in today's culture?

Last month my wife Stephana and I took a trip to Chicago for a conference we were invited to attend as part of the blogger and social media team. The conference was put on by one of our favorite organizations, Awana, which is a nonprofit ministry that serves kids all over the world.

The Key to Raising Kids with Faith -

Our kids have been in the Awana Clubs for the past six years and my wife and I have been serving in their Awana Clubs for the past three years. We love it so much and it’s had such an impact on our kids and family that we’ve literally scheduled our calendars around our Wednesday night Awana Club meetings.

Preparing Your Daughter for Marriage

3 Ways a Dad Can Remain Calm, Cool, and Collected When His Daughter Gets Married

While away at a retreat this week I had a conversation with a friend who will be giving his oldest daughter away in marriage this weekend. While we are several years away from that as our daughter is in her mid-teens, I was curious to know what it’ll be like. I wanted to know what he thought and how he felt.

Preparing Your Daughter for Marriage -

I can only imagine what it will feel like to see my baby girl walk down the aisle and enter into a lifelong commitment of marriage. As I asked him questions I was pleasantly surprised at how calm he was about it all. As I said—oldest daughter, first daughter to get married, and less than a week away! But he was calm, cool, and collected.

The Secrets for a Marriage That Endures and Inspires

Discover the Keys to a Growing and Flourishing Marriage in Our FREE Online Summit

All of us who are married hope to have a marriage that lasts. Not only do we want it to last, but we want it to be fulfilling, and successful in every way. But after we say “I do,” we begin to wonder how we can actually accomplish this. It’s no secret that a successful marriage takes work, just like success at anything in life.

The Secrets for a Marriage That Endures and Inspires - The 7 Rings of Marriage Summit -

We come into marriage with high hopes and Hollywood-inspired visions of what marriage is going to be like. Then we hit hard patches and we discover things about our spouses (and ourselves) that aren’t as appealing. This leads to a first-hand understanding of why people say “marriage is hard work,” and why the divorce rate is so high.

See When Your Son Really Wants a Father or Just a Good Friend

This is a guest post from Tyler Jacobson. Tyler is a freelance writer, with past experience in content writing and outreach for parent and teen advocate organizations. His areas of focus include: parenting, education, social media, addiction, and issues facing teenagers today. You can connect with Tyler on Twitter or LinkedIn. If you want to guest post on my blog, check out my guest post guidelines and submit your post.

See When Your Son Really Wants A Father Or Just A Good Friend -

When parents welcome their bundle of joy and begin the journey of a lifetime, they might not realize how their roles will change as the years progress. They start out loving and serving their child and tending to all of their needs.

Why It Might Be Good To Show Some PDA Around Your Kids

This is a guest post from Jesse Barnett. Jesse is a writer, teacher, carpenter, and minister. He lives just outside of Atlanta with his wife Rebecca and his daughter Gracie and son Joel. He believes that great families aren’t just made, they’re built, and he wants to give you the tools to build a great family. You can read his blog at and follow him on Twitter. If you want to guest post on my blog, check out my guest post guidelines and submit your post.

First, when I say PDA I am strictly talking G-rated stuff here: kisses, hugs, hand-holding, etc. So feel free to keep reading.

Why It Might Be Good To Show Some PDA Around Your Kids -

Here is the backstory:

My daughter is twelve years old, going on sixteen. Actually she has been going on sixteen since she was four. She loves fashion, is tall and thin, and has long blonde hair, blue eyes, and a radiant smile.

In short, I am going to be in trouble with the boys in a few years.

5 Ways to Forge Great Relationships that Help Your Marriage

The importance of having other couples in your life

A couple of months ago my wife and I needed help. We were not talking, we were pretty rude to one another, and the worst part — we didn’t care whether we hurt each other or not. We had reached that nasty place where our hurts, frustrations, and disappointments with one another left us cold, detached, and numb.

At the same time we were preparing for our first speaking engagement as a couple in front of real people (versus online), which just happened to be at the annual marriage retreat we attend as a couple. In addition, I was preparing to present at the Sex Without Sheets online conference.