Can a Broken Marriage Be Restored?

7 Rings of Marriage Lesson 6 - What to Do When Your Marriage Falls Apart?

This is lesson six of an eight-week book study we’re hosting live on The 7 Rings of Marriage. Be sure to join the book study so you don’t miss next week’s lesson, and join the conversation live!

What happens when you realize your marriage is broken? Is it the end? I don’t believe so. I can say this because our marriage has been broken and broken and broken again. And each time our marriage has grown stronger as a result.

Yes, your broken marriage can be restored. And it can become stronger as a result just like ours did.

Stephana and I hosted lesson six of the 7 Rings book study on Facebook Live this week. We talked about what to do when your marriage falls apart. Learn from our experiences of brokenness and restoration when you watch this week’s lesson.

Book Study Highlights

Below is what we discussed about the fifth of the 7 RingsThe RestoRING. We also answered some questions from the live viewers. Here’s what we talked about:

  • Forgiveness is crucial so you better get good at it
  • Where your focus should be when your marriage is dead
  • Restoring friendship
  • Restoring the spark
  • Restoring prayer
  • Restoring time
  • Turning things around


Here are the resources we mentioned this week:

What We’ll Discuss Next Week

We hope you’ll join us live next week for The 7 Rings of Marriage book study where we’ll go deep into the sixth ring of the 7 Rings, The ProspeRING. This ring is what we all hoped for when we said I do, but realize it may look different than what we expected.

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  • Calvonia Radford

    The lego analogy and the comment about taking your spouse for granted until you’re walking by the casket are visuals that I will always remember. Thank you for the practical teaching. I’m a veteran of 34 years with my husband. I’m still learning.