How to Truly Win at Being a Husband

I am a very competitive person. It’s natural for me to compete and desire to win. It doesn’t matter what it is –basketball, checkers, work, or in marriage.

How to Truly Win at Being a Husband - | Learn the single greatest thing you can do to win as a husband

As men we are wired that way. We are competitive by nature, we want to accomplish great things. But winning in marriage seems to be an arena where we don’t have as much control over the game as in other areas.

7 Wedding Vows You Should Make to Your Spouse Every Year

The day we get married we make some promises to our spouses, in the form of our wedding vows. We promise that through a myriad of circumstances we will love them through it all and ultimately never leave them. If the studies are true, only about 50% of us keep those promises.

7 Wedding Vows You Should Make to Your Spouse Every Year - | Our wedding vows are ongoing promises and can help you have a lasting and fulfilling marriage

I’m certain we all have good intentions. We want to honor those promises. We want to love our spouses like the days we were dating and courting. But somewhere along the lines those promises are forgotten, or at least aren’t at the top of our minds.

My wife, Stephana, and I are super excited to be Hot Topics breakout session speakers at the Committed for Life Marriage Retreat at Pokagan State Park, in Angola, IN.

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One Surefire Way a Man Can Win His Wife’s Heart

This is a guest post from Christy Fitzwater. Chrysty is a writer and pastor’s wife in Kalispell, Montana. She has enjoyed 24 years of marriage and is soon to enter the empty nest years, with a daughter who is married and a son about to graduate. Read Christy’s devotional writing at You can also find her on Twitter. If you want to guest post on my blog, check out my guest post guidelines and submit your post.

His birthday falls on election day, and the year before had been the election of the “hanging chads.” Do you remember watching the news and waiting for hours to see who would be the president that year?

One Surefire Way a Man Can Win His Wife's Heart -

Of course, I made the mistake of hosting my husband’s birthday dinner at a restaurant with TVs. He was consumed with the news, and that birthday was a wash.

4 Ways to Structure Your Career Around Your Family

I’ve been a part of a few mastermind groups over the past few years. It never seems to fail that each time we get together something is said or done that is super beneficial. This week it was a quote that has just been messing with me since I heard it.

4 Ways to Structure Your Career Around Your Family - | Be intentional about structuring your career around your family

The quote was actually shared at the previous week’s mastermind, but it was brought up again this week because it had such a profound impact on everyone in the group. It challenged me, my mastermind group, and will challenge you as well.

How to Stay Happily Married with Kids

When kids come into your life, your marriage changes. We have three kids and a child changed the dynamics of our marriage and family. What if this happened eight times? It did to the couple we interviewed for the episode of the 7 Rings of Marriage Web Show.

2015.04.26 - jb post episode 11 show notes

Mike and Kristin Berry from the Confessions of a Parent blog not only have eight children, but each one joined their family through adoption! We have several close friends who’ve adopted children. One consistent thing I’ve learned is the adoption process is no walk in the park.