What I Learned from Working with New York Times Best Selling Author Michael Hyatt

My guest post on MichaelHyatt.com
September 13, 2014

You get opportunities, and then you get OPPORTUNITIES. I received an email a couple months ago that immediately screamed OPPORTUNITY. It was from the assistant of New York Times best-selling author Michael Hyatt inviting me to meet him in Nashville to share my blogging and platform building story.

What I learned from working with Michael Hyatt

My story was featured in his video-series, I upgraded my web site, and many other opportunities have come as a result. I’ve learned a lot through it all, and Michael asked me to share these lessons by writing a guest post on his site. That post is live today, and I think it’ll be a blessing and source of encouragment for those who’ve reached a point of being stuck.

Click here to check out my guest post on MichaelHyatt.com.

My New Site and a FREE Gift for You!

Today, is the day! It’s Christmas in September for me. :) For the past month I’ve been working with Michael Hyatt and his Platform University team on some changes to my brand, my website, and my overall online platform.

The new JackieBledsoe.com - Jackie Bledsoe

To say I’ve been feeling like a kid waiting on Christmas morning is the understatement of the year! I was up at 3:15am today. I’m excited, elated, and ecstatic to reveal my new site for you all to see!

4 Simple Tips to Having a Happy Marriage

This is a guest post by Hank McKinsey. Hank is a lifestyle blogger and SAHD. When he’s not blogging over at Home By Hank, he can be found playing tennis or lounging out by the pool with his dogs, Digit and Poppy.  If you want to guest post on my blog, check out the guidelines and submit your post.

Whether you’ve been married for six-months or sixty-years, taking time to make your marriage work is vital. Once the honeymoon phase of your marriage wears off, the hard work really begins.

4 Simple Tips to Having a Happy Marriage - JackieBledsoe.com

3 Ways to Make Better Memories with Your Family

When I was a kid my dad used to take me and my brother to professional baseball games. We would take a summer trip to New York every year, and while we were there we’d try to catch a Mets game if the Cardinals (my favorite team) were in town.

3 Ways to Make Better Memories with Your Family

Even after I graduated from college during the summer we would all get together — me, my dad, my brother, and my nephew — and make a trip to Cincinnati to watch a Reds game. In addition to spending days at the little league baseball park those trips and experiences watching MLB games are still something I remember.

Almost 40 and in my #BestShapeEver

Just about every Tuesday for the past month I’ve been receiving a text message from a buddy of mine. The text would read something like this…

Almost 40 and in my #BestShapeEver

“Fellas, tomorrow night 9pm. Blue court. In or out?”

It’s a roll call sent to a group of guys to see who is available to play basketball in an adult basketball league in my area. For those who are new to my site and story I’ve been playing basketball practically for my entire life.

How to Safely and Responsibly Introduce Your Kids to Social Media

Two weeks ago we celebrated our daughter, Jaicey’s, 14th birthday! It is pretty surreal having a 14-year-old daughter. The fact that when we talk to her we are looking eye-to-eye is…different. And actually my wife has to look up to her. She is growing physically, but also emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

How to Safely and Responsibly Introduce Your Kids to Social Media

We are definitely in a new season of parenting. It’s exciting, scary, and sometimes we get a little nostalgic as we look back over the past 14 years. One thing’s for sure…we can’t go back. We are focusing on what’s in front of us now, and looking at what’s ahead.

Please Take My 2014 Reader Survey

When I sit down to write, I try to picture having a real conversation with a real person. By doing this, it helps put a personal touch on my writing.

Please Take My 2014 Reader Survey - JackieBledsoe.com

Instead of me writing and sending something out into cyberspace, or the cloud, for just any random person to stumble across, I want to have a particular person in mind who could use real encouragement, and who has real problems needing real solutions.