How to Balance Time Between Two Good Things…Your Wife and Kids

Not too long ago my wife took our recurring date night out of our calendar. Without saying it to my face, she basically told me “date nights are off!”

How to Balance Time Between Two Good Things...Your Wife and Kids -

I was hurt. First, I enjoy dating my wife, which is why we made it important enough to put in our calendars. Second, I offer a Date Night in a Box to help other couples have consistent date nights! How am I not going to be dating my wife??

Is Your Wife Blossoming or Withering?

My wife and I were just talking the other day after a few days of hard rain how our grass had just shot up. It seemed like I just mowed it, but a few days later it looked longer than before I cut it. Our grass has been thriving this summer.

Is Your Wife Blossoming or Withering Because of You? -

We were thinking back to the past couple summers how our grass was brown, dry, and withered by the time August came. But this season is not the case. I’m mowing the lawn like crazy as it’s green and growing. It brings to mind a quote I read from Gary Chapman…

5 Ways to Forge Great Relationships that Help Your Marriage

A couple of months ago my wife and I needed help. We were not talking, we were pretty rude to one another, and the worst part — we didn’t care whether we hurt each other or not. We had reached that nasty place where our hurts, frustrations, and disappointments with one another left us cold, detached, and numb.

5 Ways to Forge Great Relationships to Help Your Marriage -

At the same time we were preparing for our first speaking engagement as a couple in front of real people (versus online), which just happened to be at the annual marriage retreat we attend as a couple. In addition, I was preparing to present at the Sex Without Sheets online conference. 

5 Ways Being Broken and Homeless Changed My Family

At the beginning of this month we took our first family road trip vacation in years. My wife and kids and my parents packed up two cars full of stuff and headed west. We were headed to spend time with my brother and his family in Missouri. But this was a trip that almost didn’t happen.

5 Reasons Why It's Good to be Broken -

We had an amazing time. The words I kept hearing from our kids were “epic family vacation!” I have to agree, although I didn’t think it would happen. Shortly after the trip was initially planned we found out that our daughter had a national track meet the same week.

How to Build Your Kids’ Confidence in YOU, as a Parent

A few weeks ago, my wife and I were in our bedroom talking and our kids were in the room doing their own thing. The next thing we heard was, “Dad, can you come here!” from one of our sons. It didn’t sound like a panic, but there was a seriousness to the tone of his voice.

How to Build Your Kids Confidence in YOU, as a Parent -

I could tell he was very concerned about something. I’ve heard that tone before, and typically he doesn’t say what it is he needs, but I know to come and see what’s going on. When I got to the room, it wasn’t an emergency, and most of those instances it’s not. It wasn’t even really a big deal…to us. But to him it was pretty serious, and he needed help.

From a Dad to His Kids…Passing on What Matters Most

About a month or so ago just as the season for grass cutting hit full swing here in Indiana, we tried to start up our lawn mower and it wouldn’t cooperate. Nothing we did seemed to work. And this was our “new” lawnmower, which is a gently used mower given to us by a family member because our other mower kept breaking down.

2015.06.21 - Fathers day post pic 1

So, our grass began to rise (as I’m sure our neighbor’s frustration did along with it). Then one day it happened. Two dads, our dads, converged on our house with lawn equipment and tools. My dad and my dad-in-law drove over an hour to our house with the intent of not only taking care of our grass, but getting our lawn equipment up and running.

How to Truly Win at Being a Husband

I am a very competitive person. It’s natural for me to compete and desire to win. It doesn’t matter what it is –basketball, checkers, work, or in marriage.

How to Truly Win at Being a Husband - | Learn the single greatest thing you can do to win as a husband

As men we are wired that way. We are competitive by nature, we want to accomplish great things. But winning in marriage seems to be an arena where we don’t have as much control over the game as in other areas.

7 Wedding Vows You Should Make to Your Spouse Every Year

The day we get married we make some promises to our spouses, in the form of our wedding vows. We promise that through a myriad of circumstances we will love them through it all and ultimately never leave them. If the studies are true, only about 50% of us keep those promises.

7 Wedding Vows You Should Make to Your Spouse Every Year - | Our wedding vows are ongoing promises and can help you have a lasting and fulfilling marriage

I’m certain we all have good intentions. We want to honor those promises. We want to love our spouses like the days we were dating and courting. But somewhere along the lines those promises are forgotten, or at least aren’t at the top of our minds.